Zodiac Brave Story

The Zodiac Brave Story

The End of the Golden Era

Chapter 1: The Judge's Lament

It is the year 798 of the Old Valendian calender. King Mesa Dalmasca, grandson of the Dynast Queen Ashe, struggles to maintain peace as strife plagues the lands of Ordalia; both Archadian Court and The Merchant Guilds of Rozarria have ceded from the Galtean Alliance wanting to rule themselves, the lords of the seven great houses in West Ordalia struggle with the rise of Pharism and the Holy Yudoran Empire of Mullonde. Magicite is still in common use, most using it for simple tasks in their day-to-day lives, magick academies however, such as the Duskblade Academy at Mount Germinas, have become commonplace across the lands for those curious enough to learn of their deeper secrets such as channeling magick martial weapons. 



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